Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Forest Dali”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan Forest Dali

The main theme of creativity Levitan – Russian nature. He tirelessly chanted her with his pictures, gave her his heart, wrote out her carefully, gently, as if an inaccurate smear could break the whole composition of the picture and destroy the plan. Or even damage the real living trees and herbs.

Among his paintings are many famous. When looking at them, it is easy to catch the artist’s love for the country, those feelings that overwhelmed him when he painted the picture.

Joy, triumph, hope for the future, sadness, calm expectation, longing – the palette of moods transmitted by Levitan through images of nature is almost endless and amazes with its wealth. After all, it would seem impossible to convey such a multitude of emotions through forests and fields. But the artist is, meanwhile, succeeded.

“Forest distances” are made in green tones – in the picture you can find many shades of green, its mixtures with other colors and yourself, because the picture shows a forest stretching to the very horizon and something resembling the sea.

A country road runs through a small field into it – if you give free rein to your imagination, you can easily imagine how warm the road dust is and how pleasant it is to walk along it with your bare feet. But the road is not the main thing in the picture. The main thing in the picture – the forest. He is depicted skillfully, precisely, it combines many shades of the same color and on the edge it is darker, and fading to the horizon, becoming light and almost non-existent. And above him lies a vast sky.

The sky of Levitan deserves a song – it is always slightly faded, of a very accurate heavenly color, it also has yellow and white clouds, and strips of the purest azure and a bit of dullness. It covers the forest as a dome, as vast as it is.

And, looking at the picture, you involuntarily think about it – where can you come if you go away along this road leading into the dark forest?

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