Description of the painting by Fedor Reshetnikov “At the dacha”

Description of the painting by Fedor Reshetnikov At the dacha

The famous Soviet painter Fedor Reshetnikov was a master of the satirical genre. However, the image of natural expanses of him was no less good. The painting “At the Dacha”, written in 1949, was one of the most successful compositions in the artist’s work. He was very fond of village life, so he paid great attention to his own summer cottage. Perhaps that is why, because of the subject close to the author, the picture turned out so vivid, bright and warm.

The canvas depicts a clear summer day. Judging by the way the shadows fall from objects, one can guess that the sun is at its zenith and is not in a hurry to descend beyond the horizon.

The current character of the canvas is a little girl, about ten years old. She looks out of the wide open window, curtained with a short curtain. Her gaze is fixed on the garden, and her lips are stretched in a carefree smile. This means that even a child enjoys the closeness of nature and the village life is clearly to his liking. The girl’s hair is decorated with blue bows, combined with the tone worn on her blouse.

The house depicted in the picture, built of wood. Blue shutters and freshly whitened frames give it a look of freshness and comfort. The room in which the girl is located is not covered with wallpaper. The walls are made of wooden bars. This suggests that this cottage serves as a haven from the city bustle. Its simplicity is in perfect harmony with nature. In such a place I want to spend a summer vacation.

The whitewashed facade of the building is set off by lush green bushes strewn with bright buds. The ground is also covered with a carpet of lush grass and small wildflowers.

The artist Fedor Reshetnikov was a romantic by nature. His love for beauty, hidden in the most ordinary things, is clearly seen on this canvas. Looking at the picture, the viewer involuntarily recalls his childhood and sunny days that fell on the summer season.

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