Description of the painting by Catherine Syromyatnikova “First Viewers”

Description of the painting by Catherine Syromyatnikova First Viewers

We see the painter’s room. In the foreground is a stool, on which are brushes and a palette. In the corner to the right is a modest bouquet of fresh daisies. The room has a traditional easel for the artist with a painting on which the artist worked. What is depicted on it is unknown, because the picture is turned to the window. We can only see on the left side of her frame.

The large window is fully open. Through him the warm sun penetrates the room. Two boys drop in the window. The elder looks very closely at the creation of the painter. It is likely that the canvas depicts daisies or still life. The youngest is much more interesting to study the situation of this unusual room. He liked the chair – a favorite place for a good rest of the artist.

Syromyatnikov is a true master. Her picture is dominated by light shades of brown, yellow and green. The canvas is really impressive. It creates a cheerful mood. Before us is a very simple plot. But it is with the help of him that one can reveal the special kindness and warmth of real feelings.

The artist manages to create something really unusual. This is the picture in the picture. We are looking at the Syromyatnikova canvas, and the heroes of her creations look with interest at what the artist, the owner of this wonderful room, was able to portray.

Viewers have to constantly think about something. But it is precisely in this and the special charm of this canvas. We do not see what is depicted in the picture on the left, but we can easily guess about it. We do not know anything about those boys who look into the room with interest. But we can almost with full confidence say that they live somewhere very close.

It is possible that they have long been interested to see what this artist is doing. Genuine curiosity can be read on their faces. Boys are genuine pride. They first managed to join a special secret. True mastery is always a mystery, to comprehend which is given to not everyone.

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