Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Morning landowner”

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov Morning landowner

A. G. Venetsianov was one of those artists who can depict seemingly mundane, inconspicuous scenes, but with subtle poetic attention to detail, under the clear gaze of the painter turning into significant, causing delight and reverence for their beauty. “The Landowner’s Morning” of 1823 is just such a picture.

The plot for it is the ordinary morning of work on the estate. The hostess is sitting at the table, beside her are two figures of peasant women. One of them crouches and holds her hand with a bundle of cloth with wool; she listens to the landowner’s speeches. The second peasant woman stands, casting, as it were, a passing glance at us, the spectators. The figures of all three characters are full of peace and dignity.

Some, who knew the family of Venetsianov, believe that the features of the artist’s wife are recognized in the person of the person sitting. Perhaps this is true, because he skillfully

shaded the head of the heroine of the picture from the side of the face in order to create the authentic appearance of the unknown mistress of the estate.

Special attention is given to color on the canvas. If other works of the painter are sometimes very monotonous in terms of color content. That this work shows through contrasts and modulations of colors. Red, orange and dark green colors in the clothes of peasant girls stand out against the background of woody shades of the interior.

Regarding the situation there is always something to notice from the artist Venetsianov. He skillfully works through the furniture and the whole furnishings of the rooms. So here, mahogany shines nobly under the soft waves of light.

A small area of the room expands due to the narrow window section introduced into the visual field. A waking morning light is falling from the window. Thanks to a well-constructed perspective, the image looks voluminous and realistic.

Nobles and peasants in “The Landowners’ Morning” are harmoniously united in the observance of Russian foundations.

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Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Morning landowner”