Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Sibiryachka”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov Sibiryachka

The picture is painted in oil on canvas in 1909.

Cloth refers to the late work of Surikov. The artist wrote a lot on the topic of Siberia.

Ladies in front of a mirror – this is one of the most favorite stories for artists of different times. For them, they were the muse and inspiration. Everyone could find something special and transfer it to the canvas. Russian women have always been distinguished by their beauty and strength, which could not but excite the souls of artists.

Surikov’s painting “Sibiryachka” shows us a true Russian woman. The painting is filled with the artist’s admiration for the beauty of the Siberian young lady. The lady looks in a vintage mirror, admiring her lush and high breasts, thick, luxurious hair.

Everything in her image suggests that she is proud of herself. A blue-eyed lady examines whether she is wearing dark blue silk fabric and presents herself in future attire.

The girl embodies the ideal of the Siberian beauty for the artist, whom she conquered with its luxury. No wonder Russian women were considered the most beautiful in all ages. A true lady should have a magnificent body and white skin.

Surikov depicted the cozy atmosphere with a combination of brown shades, deeply saturated with blue. The dark background makes the Siberian skin even whiter. Surikov was a master of his craft, which is reflected in the ability to convey the depth of a girl’s gaze, the texture of the fabric that makes her become proud and light, and also the shine in the red shade of her hair.

It seems that the artist was passing by, and he saw this story through a window or a slightly opened door. Then he took the canvas, brushes and began to write, and the lady did not even know it. She continued to pretend to consider the new fabric and its unique image.

Surikov’s painting “Sibiryachka” won the hearts of many over the past century. Non-catchy shades do not interfere with the transfer of the depth and texture of the plot, which speaks of the mastery of the artist’s hand.

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