Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Holiday of Venus”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens Holiday of Venus

This is where Rubens revealed in all its glory!!! Here is where you can carefully see his firm “Rubens” style of the image of the female body. In almost all of his paintings, women are somehow overweight, slightly plump. But this concerns not only the female body, but all the rest. See what kind of fat and pretty angels are here.

There are many of them here and they all rejoice in the goddess Venus, the goddess of love. Not only angels, but also deities or demigods who came to the feast circle in a frantic round dance. Someone comes with his gifts, puts at the feet of Venus and enters the dance. Love is everywhere, holiday is everywhere. He seems so cheerful that one of the little angels even managed to get tired, and flew up to the fountain to get drunk. Angels make a garland of vegetables and fruits, angels lead round dances, angels sit on a hillock and kiss.

Everywhere are these little nimble demigods. In the very middle, in the crowd, she stands, the hero of the occasion, shyly covering her charms with her hands. Strange, isn’t it? Here a complete shameless orgy cope around her, and she stands, shyly covering herself and smiling sweetly. By the way, I would not like to call these slightly fat women nymphs, they were graceful and completely graceful… And then fatty fleshy women – this is rude, but it is so! – shamelessly rush in a round dance with fauns.

Well, if we discard all the nuances, then Rubens created perhaps the most cheerful, ingenious picture, where everything is full of joy and joy. We must take into account at what time he created it. It was the time of the beginning of strict morality. When any other that did not fit the morality of the church was considered harmful and diabolical. It’s really amazing how we have reached the canvases of this great flamantz.

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