Description of the painting by Nicholas Dubovsky “Rainbow”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Dubovsky Rainbow

From the picture N. N. Dubovskogo “Rainbow” blows warm, sea freshness and lightness. The plot of the picture is simple. On it we see the sea, the boat, the man and the rainbow. But the meaning is much more complicated.

The artist depicts a rainbow, not as a seven-color strip, but as a white, large ray. It is on such a rainbow that an ordinary sailor looks, who has stopped and specially got up. He admires this phenomenon. And although we do not see his face, one can imagine how he smiles and thinks that the world is beautiful.

It is also worth paying attention not only to the composition, but also to the correctly chosen colors. The sea seems a bit dark to us, after the rain has passed. The quiet, calm waves are transmitted very realistically, it seems that this is not a picture at all, but a photograph. And the sky is the opposite, bright and clear. Bulky white clouds are located above the sea surface.

In the left side of the picture are still visible clouds. It seems that it is still raining. Against the sky traced a white stripe – a rainbow. Only barely noticeable colors can be seen on it. There is no typical red-orange-yellow, and the rainbow here is gentle and light, only a pale pink colored strip of rainbow is visible from below.

The rainbow ends on a small piece of sushi. Perhaps the sea came from there. The sailor is dressed in a white loose shirt and brown pants. He swam far away in his wooden boat. And when I saw the rainbow, I got up and just enjoyed the beauty of nature.

The artist wanted to show us that the world is beautiful in everything and always. After all, a rainbow is a small phenomenon of nature, but it can also cause someone to smile. Nikolai Nikanorovich Dubovsky was able to convey the life of ordinary people. All his paintings are clear and simple, but they make a huge sense. In each of his works Dubovsky conveyed his thoughts and feelings, he was always glad when he saw the delight of his works.

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