Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Pastoral”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov Pastoral

The painting was written in 1928.

Refers to the late work of the artist. Pictures Somov – a reflection of his talent and skill. They are appreciated all over the world. Somov was born in St. Petersburg, in a family where they loved and understood art. He learned to see beauty since childhood. Somov became a master of portraits and landscapes, which have recognition and high cost among connoisseurs in many countries. He won numerous awards in Germany.

Pastoral is a literary, musical, and also a genre of painting that sings about the simple life of the village. Somov was able, like no other, to reveal pastoral scenes.

In the picture we see two beautiful rural girls, they are dressed in simple sundresses, their heads are modestly covered with handkerchiefs. By a combination of yellow and red hues, it can be understood that autumn is coming. The girls rest after walking in the woods, judging by the basket, they went for mushrooms. The picture is filled with peace. Those girls display calm. One of them holds a twig and gazes thoughtfully into the landscape.

Another enjoys the scent of a flower. Who knows what they think. Perhaps regret the past summer, or simply admire the scenery around. The faithful dog watches closely every action of the hostess.

In the middle of the canvas you can see a thin blue strip. Apparently somewhere in the distance the river flows. Heavy autumn clouds hang over their heads, talking about the approaching rainy pore. But this day is still warm, and the girls enjoy it.

This picture depicts a simple rural life, which generates with its tranquility and beauty. Somov’s paintings are filled with a combination and a fine selection of colors that are peculiar to him. For this, his canvases on pastoral themes are highly valued.

The paintings of the artist cause not only admiration, but also longing for the past epoch, which was filled with gallantry, grace, but at the same time with simplicity and tranquility.

Somov’s paintings are the property of our country.

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