Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Picnic”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov Picnic

Konstantin Andreevich Somov – an unusual artist. He personifies the Russian modern and symbolism. Besides the fact that he was a painter, Somov created graphic works and illustrations for books such as, for example, Picnic.

The artist’s work is marked by harmonious, spiritualized, conveying the mood and mystery of the images of the surrounding world and nature. He painted unique paintings: elegant, full, narrative and extraordinarily beautiful. In addition to the original look, Somov put into the work a meaning, atmosphere, and soulfulness. The author, rather, optimizes moments, conveys their beauty, even hyperbolizes somewhere, however, if you look closely, it is very difficult to find naturalness in them – this is another feature of Somov. Perhaps the author wants to say that everything that happens is a game.

The “Book of Marquises” is a collection, illustrated with graphic sketches of Somov of erotic content. Only eight sketches were allowed, including Picnic.

Somov painted a pretty girl in a lush pink dress with a small dog dressed in a dark orange suit.

In the background there are people who are having fun and having a rest in nature: they are all beautifully dressed up, they look very notable. Actions take place in a warm season, most likely at the end of summer or early autumn: the outfits of young people and beautiful ladies allow judging this. In addition, the foliage of trees growing on the ground where the feast takes place, turns yellow and crumbles from the branches.

The sketches of Somov are immediately attracted by the style of their performance. It clings to the mood, an interesting composition, colors, shades, the appearance of the characters. Graphic and oil paintings of the artist make peer, looking at even the smallest details.

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