Description of the painting by Ivan Kramsky “Portrait of Ivan Aivazovsky”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramsky Portrait of Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Kramskoy – a great artist who was engaged in creativity in the second half of the 19th century. With his talent and work he occupied a worthy niche in the artistic culture. Its distinctive feature has always been a non-standard outlook, broad interests and views, a lively interest in everything new. Kramskoy taught art school, he was familiar with many of the most talented artists of the time. Among them was Aivazovsky.

Nikolai Kramskoy highly honored the art of Aivazovsky, they had a lot in common. Aivazovsky was a very successful artist, he organized exhibitions and was awarded orders. He wrote a huge number of paintings, more than six thousand. The artist was a terrible workaholic, he wrote his canvases for about three days. Artists of the time bowed his head. Among them was Kramskoy, who offered to write a picture of a great man.

Kramskoy wrote many portraits, with great pleasure both the great people and the simple peasants posed for him. Kramskoy built several temples with his own money, a hospital, a museum of archeology, unfortunately it has not survived to our time), an art school, an art gallery in which this portrait is kept.

Kramskoy was a great portrait painter, he took up work with great enthusiasm. On this canvas, Aivazovsky is 64 years old. He is at the peak of glory, full of vitality, energy, enthusiasm. The artist is represented with a brush in his hands, as if he is about to start working. He has a restrained smile on his serious face, his good mood is visible. A bit of irony, a glance down, refined features – all this speaks of a certain occupied place in society. In this person, everything is perfect: hair, and costume, and even facial features. Everything is subject to him, he, as it would be said in our time, is self-sufficient.

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