Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Moscow’s Snack of Bread”

Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov Moscows Snack of Bread

One feels the deliberate picture of this still life. The artist composed it. His still life is facing the viewer. We see Moscow’s delicious snacks in all its beauty and incredible abundance.

Mashkov was very attentive to the special production of each still-life. It is precisely this that predetermined the success of his creations. In a picturesque manner, a certain restraint and incredible calmness are felt. The artist’s still life is somewhat chamber-like. The viewer feels the desire of the artist to convey the subject convincingly and sensually. Before us is a classic example of a still life of the Soviet era.

Looking at this canvas by the hungry is strictly prohibited. The oval table of dark red color is simply filled up with various bakery products. They provoke a huge desire to take the pretzel from the shelf and eat it with a big appetite. We see hearty bread, delicious croutons, delicious challah, delicious cakes and many other tasty things. It is almost impossible not to feel the breathtaking aromas that hover in the air.

Mashkov has all bread and rolls deliberately exaggerated. He seems to be making a bold challenge to the academicism of our time.

It seems that the composition here is awkward and completely intractable to any systematization. This is exactly what Mashkov wanted to achieve. His main goal was to convey all the magnificence of the Moscow bakery.

Still life impresses with wealth and generosity. It simply attracts a special abundance. The artist shows us all a special holiday, which always has a place in life. But there is some exaggeration. The carnival will end soon, and despair is already beginning to be felt. It turned out that these grand presentiments did not deceive the artist. But it is quite possible that he did not know this.

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