Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “Winter Morning”

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar Winter Morning

The painting was written in 1907.

This is a work of impressionistic style. It seems that it is not written in colors, but woven from the finest lace. At first it is even impossible to believe that the dawn of winter can look so unusual.

The artist saw a fairy tale in an ordinary forest. Viewers look at this picture, and it enchants them completely. It is impossible to break away from this sound of winter colors. The sun’s rays make their way through the branches of trees. On them are fancy outfits, woven from the finest down. The snow-white cover suddenly becomes ruddy, it seems that this is the ruddy cheek of a child. Grabar managed to convey all this charm through a great color game.

We see a great morning. Snow sparkles in the sun. All this is transmitted in unusual shades. Morning frost stronger, he painted the trees in blue. The sun’s rays paint the snow in different shades, it seems even that it is a bit greenish. These shades are like a prediction of the coming spring, when all trees and earth will be covered with greenery. But it will be only later.

Now all the trees and the ground are wrapped in feather covers. Tree branches lean to the ground under the weight of a mass of snow. Each branch is written incredibly masterfully. It seems that they are made of fragile crystal. It seems that you accidentally hit such a branch, and it will immediately fall apart.

Under the trees, large drifts. Most likely it was snowing at night. The veil is still absolutely virgin: there are no traces of animals or people in the snow. We see the morning, but soon the familiar noise will fill the whole forest.

But while the sun shyly sends its rays through the branches. On the snow is incredibly picturesque shadows in the form of lines of azure color. They seem drawn in the line.

On the canvas for the sky is almost no place. You can see only its small pieces. But even so, you can see that there are no clouds on it, and this is a precursor of a sunny day.

Grabar used cold paints in the picture. It as if refreshes us with a light winter frost and complete calmness reigning in everything. The painter managed to convey the beauty of the morning. All elements of the picture convey the charm of nature.

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