Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “Winter Evening”

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar Winter Evening

This picture is written in the simplest and simplest plot. Heavy village day is coming to an end. The sun is still shining, but already tending to the horizon. The last rays of sunset illuminate the peasant shed, wooden fence and the tops of thin birch trees. Everything is quiet around and preparing for the onset of twilight.

The artist invites us to share with him a walk in the evening courtyard. Together with him we enjoy the purity of the frosty air and the beauty of nature. The described building is located on an elevation, from which a beautiful view of the glade and the field going to infinity opens. White snow reflects the azure sky. The shadows of the trees and the shed create fancy patterns on it.

The author draws “Winter Evening” in large strokes. There are no clear lines in his work. The picture is written in the tiniest shades of various colors. This achieves the infinity of the landscape depicted by Igor Grabar. Only contrasted contrasted fir trees border the endless expanses and thus give the picture a special depth. One element of the composition smoothly flows into another. Despite the realism of the described episode, which can be found in any village, it creates a feeling of fabulousness and intangibility of what is happening.

Igor Grabar masterfully combines warm and cold colors. Thanks to this technique, the winter landscape does not seem lifeless. Particular dynamics is attributed to small details, such as an armful of hay on the roof and barely noticeable paths leading through the snow to the barn. Winter evening – the triumph of nature. But the presence of a person is clearly felt in her life. Virgin nature and peasant life do not contradict each other. Together they create a whole. Around reigns calm and harmony. This holiday of life, to which we came thanks to the talent of Igor Grabar.

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