Description of the painting by Claude Lorrain “Morning”

Description of the painting by Claude Lorrain Morning

A 17th-century painting by Claude Lorrain, a French artist, reproduces on the canvas a biblical story about the meeting of Jacob with Rachel with his future love for many years. Creation date – 1666 year.

An outstanding master of landscape, one of the best landscape painters in France, showed in the picture his divine talent in all its breadth and power.

In the depths of the picture are two girls, the daughters of Lavan, Leah and Rachel, and the flock of sheep, Jacob. Life also happens in the background (people, horses are not clearly marked) – a new day begins.

However, the characters do not occupy the artist at all – he easily handed the brush to his friend. Like on other canvases of Lorrain, the figures of people belong to another painter – Filippo Lauri, the Italian.

All the author’s attention is given to the landscape – a favorite genre in which he managed to achieve

the highest skill.

In the picture, people’s feelings are surprisingly in tune with the feelings of nature. There is a birth of a new day and a new love. The colors of the inspired peaceful landscape are painted in a soft bluish-pink color. The trees, the depth of the sky, the skeleton of the building, the hills in the distance – the panorama of the early morning is light, airy, idyllically calm. Nature froze in anticipation of the sunrise, its dazzling rays.

The artist managed the almost impossible – on a flat canvas, with the help of ordinary brushes and paints he achieved the effect of an almost tangible depth of the picture, placing the light source there almost beyond the horizon line. It seems that not only the earth, but also the air changes color – so subtly the painter feels the change of tones and semitones.

Spacious distance, air, serenity – this is what fills every picture of the great French artist, consonant with his inner mood, feelings, feelings. Landscapes of Claude Lorrain make enthusiastically freeze in front of the delightful canvases.

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Description of the painting by Claude Lorrain “Morning”