Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Ukrainian Night”

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi Ukrainian Night

The picture was created in 1876.

We look at this canvas, as if spellbound. The painter was the first to portray the night in the south so gorgeous. This way, only the person who loves her very much could show nature. Undoubtedly, Kuindzhi has a tremendous temperament of a real creator, who creates wonderful pictures, impressive viewers.

Above the world reigns velvet, magical night. Around silence. A fabulous light pours from somewhere above. Month is not visible. He swims somewhere in the dark clouds. Phosphorus whiteness comes from the walls of the hut. This part of the canvas illuminates the moon.

It feels like a life that is incredibly illusory. All other items are immersed in total darkness. We can only guess the silhouettes of the southern poplars and the outlines of the fallen asleep mill. It seems that they are asleep and breathe calmly. They came to life, thanks to the wonderful skill Kuindzhi, who is subject to genuine magic.

Extremely simple motive is amazing. Where did Kuinji draw such fabulous paint on expressiveness? Perhaps, the artist herself gave them the night. She decided to bestow the artist precisely because he loved her immensely. The magnificent play of indigo and exhilarating ultramarine are truly impressive.

The picture is the most poetic, but realistic. We will recognize the nature of the south, the hut, the light of the moon. But everything changes under the influence of this ghostly light. An ordinary landscape becomes enchanting and harbors some unknown mystery. The artist saturates the canvas with contrasts of light and shadow. They help to maximize the impression of this solemn night.

Kuindzhi could incredibly expressively tell all of us how beautiful the southern night is. For this, he specifically developed combinations and color ratios. This skill has allowed the author to achieve the complete illusion that the picture is lit. Everyone knows the Ukrainian night. But here it opens completely on the other side.

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