Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Evening in Ukraine”

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi Evening in Ukraine

Arkhip Kuindzhi mainly painted landscapes, which in the 1870s were at the peak of popularity. This is because the wave of popularity of the ideal of humanism. Inspired by folk values, the artist set to work. First of all, in the pictures he embodied human values, wealth not only physical, but also spiritual.

The central figure of the idealistic world is becoming – nature, which is constant, changed and created landscapes of amazing power and beauty. But it wasn’t always, until that time, it was a high art to depict the gray and dull Russian landscape indeed, but thanks to creative devotees, this barrier was broken.

Kuindzhi began to create colorful paintings, admiring simple and everyday things. For example, fields flooded with moonlight and many other natural phenomena. He romantically showed playfulness and tenderness of the environment.

The painting “Evening in Ukraine” depicts the harmony of worlds: natural and artificial. It is worth looking at how the house “flows” into the environment, not being the center of the composition, but maintaining integrity. It seems that time has stopped, leaving a moment when the sunset left its mark on the roof and walls of houses. Nature, gently envelops and wants to calm the night around.

The picture is filled with lively energy and speakers, everyone will be able to vividly imagine how the evening goes on in the village, even despite people who would be superfluous. The canvas depicts the unity of the earth and human. The picture does not scream with its colors, only gently relaxes from the adversity of the past day.

Kuindzhi was able to create a new technique of using paints. Critics of the time, believed that the glow of colors is nothing more than physiological irritation in the eye. Followers of the artist were able to prove that the matter is in the skill and talent of Kuinji, who was able to achieve a forced color and use it as a standard of aesthetics.

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