Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Oaks” (1900-1905)

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi Oaks (1900 1905)

Cloth “Oaks” reflects the true Russian nature. It amazes with the details of the outlines and configurations. In the foreground of the canvas – a group of powerful trees, differing in density of the crown and burdened with rich impenetrable foliage. They merge into one box, forming a weighty impressive circuit. In front of them falls thick shading. Occasionally, lightweight translucent clouds float across the radiant sky.

On the canvas is undoubtedly a romantic worldview of nature.

The artist, with his characteristic acumen and vision loyalty, notices in her the exquisite differences in shades and presents them with amazing skill. This can be seen in the reproduction of a lightweight transparent sky, and in the radiant radiance that fills the clearing, and in fresh ant, whose halftones vary from light to dark green shades. On canvas Kuindzhi viewed compositional comparison with the work of Shishkin “Oaks.

Herd”. But if Shishkin in his brainchild focuses on the details of the landscape, Kuindzhi, on the contrary, synthesizes forms, creating a clever artistic metaphor.

Kuindzhi rushed in his works to the limit of generalizations, to reveal the main thing, to convey the mood of the landscape. He was looking for a collective type of wood, and this selection led him to a kind of cumbersome, original image of a huge oak tree. So the artist as if connects real earthly natural objects with celestial, unearthly. Foliage on the treetops, resembling a cloud, looks grand, stately. This creates the impression of the luxury of stunning nature, full of life-giving drinks and embodied in the painter’s fantasy into something divine, unearthly and important.

Powerful trees expressed the spirituality of Russia. They are the same long-lived, nice for its simplicity, beauty and strength. The blue of the sky, green fields, small trees and shrubs, slightly yellowed grass serve as real details, pointing to the summer. Landscape combines reality and allegory.

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Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Oaks” (1900-1905)