Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi “Cloud”

Description of the painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi Cloud

Understanding the paintings of Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi comes from the knowledge of his life position. Love for the birds is clearly reflected in the behavior of the creator. Kuindzhi wanted to collect and heal all the wounded birds he saw on the street. Sometimes people saw him doing the treatment process.

The artist had a human factor. He said “If I am well-to-do, everything is quite possible for me: eat and drink and study, but if there is no money, it means – be hungry, not healthy, and it is impossible to learn, as it was with me… But I have reached my own level, and other people are dying. For example, this is not the case and needs to be corrected, so that a large amount of money will be provided to those who are in need, who are sick and want to learn. ” In constant care for his students, Arkhip Ivanovich organized an excursion to the Crimea at his own expense.

It was in the Crimea that the painting “Cloud” was painted. Joyful and clean looks like a thick glaze, in the middle of which is a huge tangle of clouds. Filling the picture in a quiet and calm depth, represents the artist’s state of mind.

Love for height and purity is expressed by fabulous thoughts. The brushes neatly depicted the sky in all its glory, and it looks so natural that you unwittingly find yourself inside this wonderful masterpiece. To say that the artist experienced uneasy feelings is impossible, he was glad of life and the people around him. The picture clearly and clearly shows the magnificence of happiness and joy that filled the inner world of Arkhip Ivanovich.

In combination with the sea, the clouds seem to be trying to slip away from the treacherous blue, but they cannot. The contrast of the colors of blue and white shades gives the picture “Cloud” some shine of silence and freedom. The master smoothly emphasizes what peace comes in harmony with himself. But this is not loneliness, but a step towards higher and unprecedented forces.

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