Description of the painting by Albrecht Bloch “Winter”

Description of the painting by Albrecht Bloch Winter

The famous American artist Albert Bloch was a supporter of modernism in painting. And like other adherents of this trend in art, he sought to find and approve completely new, previously unseen directions of pictorial art. One of his most popular works is the composition “Winter”.

The combination of color solutions does not quite match the usual look of a snow-white winter, but this makes the work more and more interesting and mysterious. It attracts the attention of the contemplator, makes him peer into the details, determine their meaning and purpose, find all new and new symbolic moments.

On the canvas depicts a variety of images, silhouettes. At the very top you can see an unusual snowman, and just below the almost fabulous deer. There is a fox, a dog, a horse. And, of course, people. In places, leafless trees can be seen, they seem almost transparent.

In tones dominated by red and yellow shades. But, despite the fact that the preference of the artist is given a warm shade, the picture literally blows cool and fresh. Perhaps this is achieved through a unique, almost transparent technique of painting. In the upper part of the canvas scarlet shades are combined with dark blue. It symbolizes dark and long winter nights. If you look closely, you can see an uncountable number of stars in the winter sky.

Cloth “Winter” was a truly new solution in the painting of landscapes. It combines a unique color scheme, composition, and thoughtful images.

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