Description of the painting by Tatiana Yablonskaya “Morning”

Description of the painting by Tatiana Yablonskaya Morning

The picture of Tatyana Yablonskaya “Morning” refers to 1954. It emphasizes the beauty of everyday life. The name of the work speaks for itself: the canvas depicts the earlier morning. This is “talked” about by the bright colors that convey the sunlight, as well as the unmade bed, from which, apparently, the main character of the girl just got out. If we talk about the time of year, then most likely it is May.

Outside, the night fog still swirls, and through the open doors of the balcony doors, coolness penetrates the room. The beauty of the room is emphasized by a winding plant along the wall, on which leaves the sun’s rays shimmer. It also testifies that the owners of the house strive to transfer the natural beauty to their home.

If you take a closer look at the decoration of the room, then we can assume that it belongs to people of art. Hanging on the wall saucer has the same pattern as the vase mounted above. Two branches of ivy coming out of it, neatly fixed above the balcony and window. The leaves of the plant create a kind of arch, as if inviting fresh air.

The center of the picture takes a girl about 10 years. Despite the fact that its camp is rather fragile, it radiates health and good spirits. The red tie hanging on the chair shows that the girl is in the ranks of the pioneers.

On the round table, located in the lower right edge of the picture, you can see half of white bread and a jug. Apparently, the artist so depicted breakfast girls.

The whole picture is saturated with morning freshness. Selected tones underline this: green, white, sand. Both the girl and the audience readily welcome the advent of a new day, rejoicing in the current moment. The latter is said by the “heroine’s” covered eyes: either from sunbeams, or from the fact that she inhales the aromas of the morning.

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Description of the painting by Tatiana Yablonskaya “Morning”