Description of the painting by René Magritte “The human lot”

Description of the painting by René Magritte The human lot

Rene Francois Ghislain Magritte – an artist working in the direction of surrealism. His works are striking in their originality and destroy the well-established concept of reality. Pictures of the artist are not only psychological, but also filled with deep philosophical meaning. He rewrote his work several times, perfecting them.

The painting “The human inheritance” was painted during the artist’s reflection on the illusiveness of space. The work has a deep sense of world perception and visual perception of the surrounding world. The canvas shows a window. Normal window with classic curtains. Through the glass you can see a wonderful landscape: a plain covered with grass, a tree standing alone and a forest in the distance. Clear azure sky with floating air clouds.

The artist showed all the beauty of nature, which many can contemplate from the window of a country house. If you look closely, you can see that the image is a picture fixed on the glass. At the window sill are the legs of the easel, perhaps the picture is not attached to the glass, but it is attached to the easel. It all depends on what you see on the canvas.

This is a flight of your imagination, your perception of the world. Or maybe nature outside the window is not so beautiful? And is there a tree growing in the distance, is there a forest? Perhaps this is just a figment of your imagination or someone’s good artistic work. Is it worth it to attach someone else’s work to contemplate it every day? Maybe you need to create your own image?

Looking at this work, there are many questions that everyone can answer for himself. The artist stirs our imagination, makes everyone think about the meaning of life and perceive the world around us deeper. Do not pay attention only to visual beauty, it can be deceptive, and may not even exist in reality, but only in imagination.

This work is a whole philosophy of life. You can look at this picture endlessly all the time, finding new colors and storylines. Surrealism allows you to look into the most hidden corners of our consciousness and learn more about ourselves.

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