Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Margarita”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Margarita

Vrubel is a mysterious artist, primarily because he has always been beyond the limits of reason. His mind could not stand the overload and began to act differently. And that is why, through the fog of consciousness, the artist had extraordinary beautiful images.

He often painted Demons, referring to the poetry of Lermontov and Pushkin. One day he suddenly painted Margarita on canvas. The one that met the Demon. A beautiful woman was born on the canvas with a beautiful classical image, but the background is the Russian landscape and stunning flowers at her feet. The result was a fantastically beautiful face of the Faustian Margarita, in which it was impossible not to fall in love with either Faust or the Demon. So there were two rivals.

Vrubel really created a stunning female image. Previously, such images simply did not work for him and for a long time he practically did not show anyone the finished canvas. And when I still ventured to show, I received a lot of approvals. But it was already a period in his life, when he was almost recognized.

True, this admission did not give him anything; he slowly rolled into his madness. We can say that this is his last work, in which he showed all his imagination and all his skill, while his mind was still able to perceive the sensations of the world and while his hands still held tassels and crayons.

Despite the fact that a misfortune happened to the artist, his canvases more and more interested the public. And now, when the first large exhibition of his canvases was created, there were a lot of people, it even reached unpleasant incidents. Everyone just wanted to get into the Tretyakov Gallery and see his creations.

The author himself was naturally not at the exhibition, he was already in hospital at that time, he was healing for nerves. But what is surprising, if at first the doctors forbade him to draw, then soon this ban was lifted, and it was the drawing that brought his consciousness to a more or less normal state.

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