Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Winter Forest”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon Winter Forest

Winter is a great time of the year. The snow covers everything with white veil, the trees stand black and bare, the sky is cloudy and looms above the ground. Nature is sleeping. Many animals went into hibernation, birds flew away to the warm edges, people hid in a hut.

Everything is saved from the cold to the best of its capabilities – someone in a warm hole, someone in a warm hollow, someone in a warm house, sipping tea from a large cup. But from the fact that everyone wants to survive the frost, without contacting with him whenever possible, this does not mean that there are no people who can love him. After all, even sleeping nature is beautiful – that is why landscape artists often depict it in paintings, showing people hiding in warmth and bliss, how beautiful it can be outside, where there is snow and ice.

Yuon’s Winter Forest is one such picture. It has winter silence in all its glory – there are snowdrifts on the ground, snow caps on the branches of trees, the field is covered with whiteness and the sky is gray, low, ready to set free dance of snowflakes. However, this silence is not complete at all – just look into the picture to understand this.

Traces in the lower right corner – a hare ran or a wolf passed, looking for something to eat, how to satisfy hunger in a six-covered belly. It enlivens the picture, revives the winter shown on it. Yes, quiet. Yes, everything is covered, sleepy, cold. But in this cold and in this silence there is a living presence. It seems, take a closer look – and you will see smoke rising from the pipes of a distant village on the horizon. It seems, listen, and hear how a restless woodpecker knocks on a tree or how a crow crows who has found fresh carrion.

Winter is a time of melancholy, a time of silence and emptiness, but also this time when any manifestations of life are perceived sharper and brighter, when one chain of tracks is capable of directing many thoughts. When you can see the smoke over the village, you can even where there is no village.

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