Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “Fish, wine and fruits” (1916)

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin Fish, wine and fruits (1916)

The artist became one of the masters who prepared the rise of Russian still life in painting, and he himself worked in this genre rather actively. In his canvases reflected life-affirming attitude to life. His still-life characterizes an unprecedented showiness and scope of the stroke, combined with the classical layout. For the ease and liberation of the letter lies the fruitful intelligibility of objects.

In a still life, a painter in broad strokes layers the colors on top of a certain dark background, exposing the color accent to yellow, green and brown shades. Silver fish scales shimmers bluish-green and pinkish tint. Bottle glass plays lilac, red, yellow, gray glitter. The author draws attention to the importance of the coloristic unity of the whole picture.

Like the old masters, the painter highlights the semantic center of the composition with light and color spots on a dark background. Akin to jewels, shimmering multicolored nacre fish gleam, golden apples refresh the canvas, wine in a bottle sparkles with pomegranate reflections.

This still-life impressively combines the full objectivity of form and demonstrative decorative color. The diversity and brightness of the canvas resembles a luxurious carpet, including all shades of the spectrum. The canvas is one of the so-called night time still-lives of cows in the abundance of color. The masters were fascinated by the bizarre beauty of artificial light, which exacerbated the picturesque play of color. The leading content of a still life is the dramatic interaction of light with color.

The play of light on the cold glossy surface of the fish is emphasized by the warmth of the color of the fruit, and in the depths of the wine bottle it flames like a precious stone. Deeper inside things, the light merges with color, creating a general impression. Capacious careless brush strokes Korovin strengthen the value of paints, their spirituality.

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