Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Twilight, stack”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan Twilight, stack

Isaac Levitan in his creative destiny has written many beautiful and famous paintings that are very loved and appreciated both in Russia and around the world. In the last years of his life, the artist moved from writing bright colorful landscapes filled with sunny heat and light to more tranquil and calming sunset paintings in which the artist tried to capture the very moment of sunset, to show the beauty of twilight, their mysterious charm.

So, in 1899, the picture “Twilight, Rick” appeared, which by its simplicity amazes its admirers. Everything is so simple and realistic that it seems that this is not a picture, but real twilight, which can be observed by looking out the window of your bedroom in a rustic house. The canvas depicts haystacks, a mowed field, a blue distance, a mist covers the ground, which gradually spreads between the hay bales.

Evening, at first the sky at the edge of the horizon is still blue, but gradually it darkens, showing the approach of night. The sky at the top of the picture is golden, it reflects the last rays of the sun, which is still visible above the edge of the approaching darkness. The sun sets, the stacks freeze in anticipation of the night, and there comes a quiet and charming moment of twilight – the time when the day for one moment meets the night. This moment was able to catch and sketch the artist, who was not just need to convey the accuracy of the moment, but put his heart into it.

The most famous admirers of Levitan considered this picture one of the best, so realistic that nothing more was required. This is a masterpiece of the last years of the artist. With the help of perfectly selected color shades, Levitan created not just a picture, he conveyed all the naturalness of the moment captured,

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Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Twilight, stack”