Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov “Riding on the Neva”

Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov Riding on the Neva

Once, before writing the picture, the Russian troops won back every coast of the great Neva with great losses. They did everything they could to win their shores from the Swedish government. Four centuries have passed since the fortress had to be taken by storm. This is a long time for people, and almost a minute for a river. Its shores are still not within the city limits and are almost uninhabited, and its waves are exactly the same as they once were. But in the city itself, its shores are successful at any time of the year and there are always a lot of people on them. And in winter, not only along the banks, but also on the river itself.

If you do not see this picture of the artist Bogolyubov, then you can calculate that the skating takes place in the summer. And if in the winter, then certainly on skates or sleds. But this picture shows a much larger type of skating. Here it is on a sleigh, in which majestic horses are harnessed. After all, there used to be such a fun, for which almost all the inhabitants of the city gathered. Someone came to see, and someone wanted to show himself. Here, there are more and more people willing.

Written in rather cold shades in oil, the picture has a more panoramic view. She has many small details that are difficult to see, but there is a lot of air in it. All the ice of the river and the embankment turns black on the number of people willing to ride a sleigh or look at those who ride. After all, even watching this fun is very fun. The clouds, which have just begun to appear on the horizon, promise to stop the fun soon and sprinkle the entire Neva with a layer of snow, or even zazyuzhit.

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