Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Bathsheba at the Fountain”

Peter Paul Rubens is a famous Dutch artist who lived in the years 1577-1640. He painted pictures on a variety of topics, but those that are written in biblical scenes were his best pieces.

Description of the painting by Camille Corot’s “Bathing Diana”

When writing one of his latest works, Jean Baptiste Corot used one of the most popular images of ancient Roman mythology. Diana is the patroness of hunting, forests, the world of animals and plants.

Description of the painting by Pietro Perugino “Saint Sebastian”

The painting, recognized by the world artistic community as Pietro Perugina’s masterpiece, is mainly due to its unique composition, although the very image of Saint Sebastian is conveyed quite canonically for that era. The

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Rest”

Ilya Efimovich Repin is one of the Russian writers who tried his best to express realism in his works. Collectors were fond of works on a revolutionary theme; it seemed that the painter wanted

Description of the painting by Ivan Seleznev “In Pompeii”

The Roman Empire was mighty. Differing in weight and strength and its individual colonies and cities. The famous Pompey was no exception, it’s a pity that it didn’t last long. Burned was beautiful and

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Golden Autumn”

In 1888, Ivan Shishkin, master of landscape art, wrote his painting “Golden Autumn”. Currently, it is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery. The picture is very fond of the viewer, as well as the most

Description of the painting by Boris Kudryavtsev “March”

Boris Kudryavtsev’s picture “March. Thawed Fir Trees” was written in 1979, which was made in his own, then already well-established, plastic style, giving a special charm to all of the artist’s works. Through the

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn “Titus Son”

The picture was painted in 1655 in oil on canvas. Rembrandt became a great master of portrait and historical genre. In addition to portraits of different people, the artist painted several paintings dedicated to

Description of the painting by Pavel Kuznetsov “Mirage in the steppe”

Kuznetsov’s canvas, Mirage in the Steppe, is included in the list of works that were written at the very top of the heyday of the artist’s artistic talent. The picture as if personifies the

Description of the painting by Julius Klever “Winter landscape”

This artist more than once in his work addressed the topic of depicting rural life, but for the most part did not depict people, but landscapes. One of them was the picture about winter.
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