Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev Autumn

Konstantin Vasilyev, a rather talented landscape painter who wrote a fairly large number of masterpieces, striking in their freshness, subtlety and insight into the very essence of nature.

Despite the fact that on his canvas, with the same name “Autumn”, the weather is, to put it mildly, not very good, the picture still catches the eye and leaves behind, only pleasant feelings. There are notes, silence, tranquility, peace, greatness of nature.

The artist was just perfectly able to convey the whole picture of what is happening day. He succeeded so well in it that the spectators literally feel the breath of a fresh autumn breeze, the dampness of the moss, the rays of the sun, which shine but heat less. Immediately what catches your eye, these are trees that are beautifully cleaned in golden color. It is noteworthy that the colors of the yellow leaves on the trees are harmoniously combined with the color of the sky, and complement each other bilaterally. The smooth transition of the lake to the sky is quite interesting. As if it is one.

In the picture, as we see, absolutely all colors are harmoniously combined, and the landscape design scheme is very successful. We feel and feel the space, thanks to the fact that the picture is painted vertically, and we can see the trees in full growth and appreciate the greatness of this landscape.

At some point, it may seem that all of this, as if a huge theatrical scene, on the sides in the role of trees, like improvised backstage, and the lake itself as if a scene. And despite the fact that the predominance of cold colors in the picture is obvious, the artist was very delicate able to convey to us all the warmth of this fascinating moment.

I want to visit this picture right at this moment and fully enjoy all the mysteriousness of this place, full of mystery and miracles.

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