Description of the painting by Julius Klever “Autumn in the forest”

Description of the painting by Julius Klever Autumn in the forest

Cloth Julius Klever admires its realistic. It seems that in front of you is not an oil painting, but a live photo. In the picture, the author depicted a thicket of forest, here the foot of a man clearly steps rarely. The wilds seem to be completely impassable, and the water seems to draw you deep down.

Above the ground one can see a light mist, like evaporation from a reservoir. The sky can be seen quite a bit, and the far plan is difficult to see. He blurred due to unclear weather. We see dry trees that run through the haze of mist with gnarled branches.

In the foreground there is a small forest swamp. It does not seem deep, but such places always look deceptive. On the surface of the neatly placed fallen leaves of red. The birch trees have already completely thrown off their decoration, and the roots are covered with yellow-green perennial moss. In the water reflected birch trees. Moisture is in this area regularly, from the roots of trees climbed out.

Autumn is the favorite season of many artists. They love to play with bright colors and at the same time show their attitude towards autumn. Clover Y. skillfully plays with shades of the forest, which stands peacefully and suffers a violation of his calm.

We see that the forest is mixed, this is typical of central Russia. The landscape depicts white birches of various ages and mighty pine trees. The forest is very dense and small shrubs are located around tall trees.

Autumn was a success, it seems that you can enter this landscape and breathe in the scent of a beautiful forest. But on the other hand, the canvas breathes danger, because you understand that not every traveler has found his way back home.

Deceptive swamps and dark thickets that are visible around the edges of the picture, cause some fear. The sun’s rays only slightly make their way through the dense foliage of old trees. The artist undoubtedly managed to convey the characteristics of the Russian forest.

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