Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “At the tea table”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin At the tea table

The painting “At the Tea Table” is one of the key works of the “Zhukovsky” cycle. This name is not accidental. Korovin lived for a long time in the village of Zhukovka at the cottage of his close friends. It was there that he created many of his masterpieces. Creativity of the artist, no doubt, should be attributed to Russian impressionism. In many ways, his style, the selection of color solutions and the construction of the composition are similar to the manner of the brilliant artist from France, Auguste Renoir.

Like Renoir, the master spent a lot of time working through light and air. His paintings are full of lightness and airiness. It is the landscape that plays the primary role. People in the picture are, rather, an addition. This is very related to “At the tea table” with the works of the famous Monet. Interestingly built composition. It is shifted relative to the center to the left, which creates the impression of a “first-person” look. It seems that Korovin himself was sitting in a pushed chair just a minute ago.

The plot of the picture reflects the usual country life of hospitable homeowners of the time. Heroes written off with real characters. This is the family of Polenov and his guests. Among them, Natalia, busy sewing. Her face is serene and peaceful. The postures of the rest give a certain awkwardness and reigning tension.

Through the use of a whole set of techniques, the canvas looks dynamic. It resembles a momentary look at what is happening. The picture includes elements of portraiture, the best landscape features, well-readable storyline. It is complex and multifaceted, despite its seeming simplicity.

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