Description of the painting by Gerard Terborch “A glass of lemonade”

Description of the painting by Gerard Terborch A glass of lemonade

This painting is one of the best works of the artist, which shows the most remarkable traditions of Holland at that time. This work has no drama, it is calm, measured, devoid of any movement and is fully focused on the relationship between boys and girls. The young gentleman who offers a lady a glass of lemonade is very gallant, as sweet as their delicate contact, looks. They fully understand each other. There is a silent dialogue between them. This is quite a romantic scene, the young man caring for a girl, he carefully sat down beside her and gently touching his hands offers lemonade.

Nearby seems to be a nurse or maybe some kind of relative. Most likely the young lady is unwell. Terborch very talentedly described the elements of clothing. Visible fur coat, trimmed at the edges, dress, Sewn from fine noble fabric. All this gives a rich girl, a gentleman looks like a dandy who cares about his appearance too much. It is seen that the gentleman is very young.

The artist chose a subtle color scheme, he led a picture in one color, nothing superfluous. The author picked up the colors of soft shades, clearly constructed the connection between the dark light tones. Terborch described the most extraordinary scene of ordinary life. He emphasized interior items that create a unique comfort: an expensive leather armchair, a small table with a dark elegant decanter on it. Everything talks about romanticism, the subtleties of this relationship. All household accessories are described very delicately, gracefully. It is also visible in relationships, everything is imbued with care, compassion, attention. This picture tells about the life of Dutch society, the uniqueness of personal life. Everything is harmonious here

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