Description of the painting by Wassily Kandinsky “Two on a horse”

Description of the painting by Wassily Kandinsky Two on a horse

In the works of Kandinsky you can feel the relentless movement forward and a lot of changes. In his early canvases visible hints of a radical change in style in the future are still visible.

Before us, it would seem a completely ordinary picture. It has motifs of folklore and fairytale beginnings. But at the same time, it becomes a demonstration of the fact that the main spots in the artist’s works are color spots and lines.

The artist deliberately does not draw the faces of his characters. Their poses are relaxed and thoughtful. This suggests that they are fully immersed in themselves. It seems that the horse itself carries them, as the rider practically does not hold the reins. The plot is very simple. But the viewer can endlessly fantasize about where the heroes of the picture are going.

In the Middle Ages, the movement on the canvases from right to left indicated that the characters were returning home. It is likely that this is why the whole canvas breathes such universal peace.

It seems that we face some kind of old mosaic. To revive her Kandinsky uses bright colors. The main color here is blue. It is a shade of the sky itself, as well as a symbol of incredible peace. The whole canvas is filled with tenderness and romance. The painter admitted that in this work he was able to embody what he had long dreamed of. In the process, he felt the thrill of the heart, like a true master and a real poet.

Kandinsky founded expressive abstractionism. For the first time, he embodied these ideas in engravings made on traditional wood. Then from the technique and special lyricism of the engravings he began to scoop material for his paintings.

Very often the artist used a dark background. Here he boldly imposes on him small motley strokes. It seems that these are some kind of precious stones that fascinate with their radiance.

The landscape is absolutely unreal, but therein lies its special charm. We feel the artist’s special love for Russia. This feeling he seeks to convey to all of us.

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