Description of the painting by Wassily Kandinsky “Abstraction”

Description of the painting by Wassily Kandinsky Abstraction

Wassily Kandinsky is a talented Russian artist and an exquisite art theorist. With his creative work and artwork, this man could have a great influence on the historical development of all the fine contemporary art.

It is to his merits that he himself, with the help of his works, created the first prerequisites for the evolution of this type of art as abstractionism.

Wassily Kandinsky is one of those artists who could not only free the paintings from limitations in the presentation, but also created many wonderful paintings, one of which is the painting Abstraction.

Because of his style of writing, the Russian artist was more concerned with thinkers and philosophers than with artists. For this reason, each of his works was based on his personal philosophical positions and ideas. As a result, all or most of these images passed from his thoughts and reasoning to the images of the images.

With his creative work, Vasily Kandinsky was able to exert a great influence on the entire universe of the world of creative art, forever changing the ways of perception of both modern painting and painting of his era.

That he was a thinker can be understood by his aspirations. He himself created and recognized the direction in which he began his movement along a rich configuration. As a result, he followed this direction and set a vivid example to his followers and creators of the avant-garde. The essence of his paintings lies in the non-stop search for the perfect synthesis between painting and music. This synthesis is considered by him as an analogy of science and philosophy.

The works of the great artist were highly valued not only during his lifetime, but also after his death. And until today they are considered one of the best in this area of ​​painting.

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