Description of the painting by Vladimir Pchelina “Sea”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Pchelina Sea

The described picture was created by Pchelin. She is a vivid example of the artist Pchelina. The author of the reproduction managed to convey the harmony of nature in the best possible way. He paid particular attention to bright and light effects.

The seascape performed by Pchelina is very simple and concise. The main goal of the artist was to show the “life” of nature, which comes into contact with people. “Sea” can not leave anyone indifferent. It is in this picture that it is difficult not to notice the beautiful light in combination with clean air and immense space.

The atmosphere has a calm shower. This became a key point in the picture. The water is stationary in places, and in some places there is a slight breeze that gives contrast and harmony to the plot.

The artist tried to portray the sky brighter than the water in the sea. Although it is possible to observe with the naked eye the places where the sky and the sea merge into one. As in many other paintings of bee, the sky is an integral part of the landscape. Admiration is caused by skillful color transitions and blurry edges between the elements of the picture.

Cloth, like any other landscape of the author, is able to pacify anyone. One gets the impression, looking at the picture, that the sound of water is heard, the smooth surface of the water is felt. Of course, the breeze brought coolness, which is necessary in hot weather.

The author of a work of art seemed to have merged with the seas and felt it completely. The picture was written with great precision. Much has been said about the realism of the plot. No one would argue that the author actually saw and was in the place on the sea that he had depicted.

Clouds of incredibly beautiful shape. They are unlikely to split in the future. Light, as if through impenetrable clouds, is trying to light the canvas. The life of the clouds obeys neither time nor space.

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