Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov “Spring”

Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov Musatov Spring

Victor Epildoforovich Borisov-Musatov – Russian painter, artist and master of images of the symbols of noble nests. There are not so many landscapes in the heritage of the creator, but in his spectacular works of art nature will play a big role. Like the great painters of the 18th century, the artist very often depicted a park and garden nature in which there was to be a man.

The first work of art, in which the painter Borisov-Musatov synthesized impressions of reality, saw in common, was Spring. She marked the new period of the author, which is associated with his most famous works. The painter very professionally applied paint, in small strokes, and then changed their directions. It is a work of art with the name “Spring” that gives the viewer a unique opportunity to see the change in the work of impressionism to a decorative style.

The texture of the beautiful surface, the smear on the canvas resembles impressionism, but on the whole, the spectacle, with its balance and certainty of color, good composition, and the refinement of the landscape, speaks of a decorative style. A feature of the canvas is the lack of narrative completely. In the image, the artist, using nature, was able to convey the mood of the composition to the viewer. Sad silence, only the girl walks on the grass sad. She looks very mysterious, because we can not see her face.

In this unique canvas, the spirituality and beauty of the girl, the grass carpet with a beautiful garden background, and the warmth of flowering and luxurious cherries make up a special world that is very light and beautiful for the viewer. Light and pure colors, the rhythm of the plot creates for the viewer a very quiet and unusual mood, but one feels sad all the same and lost in thoughts of festivity. In this picture, the landscape is not only used as a background, it is the main element of the composition, the creator’s dream of the beauty of life.

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