Description of the painting by Victor Vasnetsov “Over the water”

Description of the painting by Victor Vasnetsov Over the water

This picture is made in the style of the Vasnetsov-the Wanderer. The main idea – to show a simple Russian girl for her usual occupation. The picture is not screaming colors and bright colors. But then there are a lot of natural muted tones. Prevailing shades of green and brown.

The picture shows a close-up picture of a girl going for water. She walks along the path through a birch grove. Behind it remained thin young trees. The girl is a simple peasant woman. She is depicted with bare feet, wearing a white shirt and a blue sundress. The shirt has short and wide sleeves covering the elbow. On the girl’s head is a red scarf with a pattern. On the shoulders is another shawl. An apron is tied around the waist, its bottom edge is folded over the belt. Feet girls dirty, dusty. On the shoulders, she carries a rocker. The girl holds the bucket with her right hand so that it does not dangle from her steps. She put her left hand on the yoke. Buckets hang wooden, upholstered in metal hoops.

The girl looks ahead, slightly turning her head to the right. Her mouth is a little open. She seemed to see something interesting in the distance. Surely the heroine of the picture more than once went this way on the water. But this time some noise or something accidentally seen caught her attention. Without slowing down and not turning off the path, it goes further.

In the picture in detail traced only the girl. The surrounding landscape is applied with large strokes without drawing. There are no flowers or birds. The crowns of birch trees in the background merge. Only their white trunks are clearly visible.

The artist managed to portray the naturalness of the girl’s pose, capture a moment from her life. She habitually gestures to cope with the beam. After all, for her to go for water is a common thing. She wears simple casual clothing. Such saw the Russian girl Vasnetsov.

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