Description of the painting by Victor Borisov-Musatov “Without words”

Description of the painting by Victor Borisov Musatov Without words

Victor Borisov-Musatov came to art at the turn of the century, in a period difficult and full of creative discoveries and personalities. And along with a bright and talented environment, the future artist and one of the most powerful masters of symbolism in Russian fine art creates his own unique original style.

In the works of Victor Elpidiforovich, amazingly finely combined natural ephemerality with the sensitivity of the poet’s soul, which gives rise to soft tender images-mirages and nostalgic dreams. The leading motives of the paintings are the feeling of mystery and exciting expectations. A reflection of this “world” presents the interiors of old estates, parks and gardens and, mainly, women’s images. The artist loved and extolled women, recreating them with wonderful idealistic visions.

The dreams and dreams in which Borisov-Musatov lived and worked manifest themselves in a series of lyrical paintings. One of them – “Motive without words”, created in 1900, is closest to the sentiments of the Silver Age. The picture is like an illustration to sad lines about a departed sad love. The airiness and softness of the colors perfectly recreate the atmosphere of sadness and thought. It is difficult to assume that the eyes of the audience are represented – the moment of quarrel or intimate awkward moment of meeting.

The girl turns away from her beau, as if withdrawing and discarding his hopes for reciprocity. The face of the satellite is indistinguishable, the main thing is in his posture – the body bent over paper stiffened in tension, the hands close the letter – perhaps the last chance for an explanation with the beloved. This nuance reflects resignation with loss. After all, the girl is close, at a distance of the hand, but the man does not dare to speak, thereby unwittingly turning away from her.

The entire work is done in delicate matte tones, without any bright accents and shadows. The image is faded, like the memories of the heroes of the past days of mutual feelings. The pair froze in exquisite images, immersed in the hazy visions of their former hopes.

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