Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov “Evening in St. Petersburg”

Description of the painting by Vasily Surikov Evening in St. Petersburg

The picture is painted in oil on canvas in 1871 in the urban landscape genre.

Vasily Surikov is a great Russian artist. He gave our country a huge cultural heritage, was a master of his craft.

The artist was born in Krasnoyarsk, where he spent his childhood. To study the art of painting went to St. Petersburg. During his life, he traveled to many places of our large country, went to study painting and abroad. Much has been said about Surikov among the artists of that time, as well as in all other years. His paintings are filled with mystical dreams, which give him an individual style, not peculiar to anyone else.

On the canvas “Evening in St. Petersburg” depicts the old Peter. It takes us into the past, making us tremble. That’s how people lived in those days, Surikov seemed to capture the moment that left for us. But even more, this picture is associated with a dream or a vision. People’s faces are not accessible, but still the canvas makes it clear that life was very, very many-sided at that time. As, however, and now.

In the right part of the picture are not rich people, they are sad. And let him not see the boy’s face, but it is clear and so, with what interest he considers the cart in which rich ladies rush. Images of ladies in beautiful dresses flash on the canvas, like shadows or ghosts. The tones are very calm.

Surikov painted a picture with light sketches, but it is striking in depth. In the center is a cart, which is quickly speeding, drawn by a horse. Time seemed to stop, to give the artist to capture this moment for ages. A full moon in the sky, its gray-blue hues, snow on the road, beautiful old lanterns, a standing shop near the road, give us the opportunity to plunge at that time and see how Tsarist Russia lived.

Look at Surikov canvases endlessly. And each time they open for us from the new side.

The painting is in storage in the Krasnoyarsk Surikov Museum.

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