Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait G. L. Hirschman”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov Portrait G. L. Hirschman

The portraits of V. Serov are distinguished by their characteristic features and their individual style. His works are recognizable, in almost all paintings his hands are located either on the chest or in the region of the heart. This arrangement is always natural, not contorted. The hand can simply play with the necklace or gently adjust the collar.

This gesture has a deep philosophical meaning. The hand points to the main character of the canvas, thereby confirming its significance. At the same time, such an arrangement indicates closeness. Although the artist, most likely, conveys the individuality and the human right to personal space. This conveys not only the external image, but also the inner world of the hero. Portraits Serov painted in the technique of rapid movement of the brush and wide strokes. This gives a feeling of surprise, as if the canvas is written on a fast hand, in a hurry. Portrait G. L. Hirschman is written in the same manner.

It seems that the woman was called, she turned by chance. You feel the suddenness, the hand is located on the heart. Luxurious lady dressed in the latest fashion loves jewelry. Her hand is studded with rings, and the furnishings of the house speak of prosperity. She stands at the boudoir, as if primping in front of a mirror, and the artist called her, capturing the moment. The decoration and furnishings speak of the status of the lady in society, but the hand shows that she still has a heart and a soul. She seems to say that the main inner world, not the entourage.

At that time, even marriages were made by calculation, without violating class inequality. In the modern world, the importance of money has not decreased, as well as a hundred years ago. A woman looks heartfelt, with one hand she leans on the table. In her eyes there is no hint of arrogance, such a feeling that the artist was able to look into the soul of a young lady. He conveyed her message to the whole world. The beauty of things is just a visual deception, the main thing is the beauty of the soul.

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