Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Landscape”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov Landscape

Serov was not only a skilled portrait painter. He creates a whole series of magnificent landscapes.

Each of his paintings is a true masterpiece. Serov manages to notice a special beauty where others do not see it. He understands that Russian nature is gorgeous. But not everyone can understand this. Only a true artist can not only notice the charm of nature, but also convey love for her with the help of his canvases.

Serov depicts one of the corners of Russia. We see one of the many villages. She sprawled on the other side of a narrow river. In the foreground, the artist depicts succulent grass and rare shrubs. The river is a narrow strip, as if it divides the canvas into two parts. In the distance you can see the outlines of poor wooden houses. Serov deliberately does not register them. They merge into one brown mass.

Only the roofs of the slightly leaning buildings are guessed. On the left in the background is a thick forest. In the background you can see rare trees and green hills. The summer sky is covered with light clouds. The artist does not depict the sun. He only skillfully uses certain shades of green and brown to show that the day he depicts is sunny.

Looking at the picture creates a bright and joyful mood. Despite the squalid homes of a small village, we don’t have sadness. Serov admires this corner of Russia.

The artist does not prescribe every detail. Brush strokes affect his special volume and depth. Grass and forest in the distance merge into a certain sea. Masterful color transitions allow viewers to see the special charm of nature. Not everyone can notice this quiet beauty.

Serov manages to create the most vibrant landscape. It seems another moment, and we will hear the birds singing and feel a slight whiff of wind.

The artist manages to convey the modest splendor of a simple village.

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