Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Haystack”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov Haystack

In this picture we see a rural landscape. In the foreground is a large haystack. This is probably the harvest that the peasants made for the winter to feed the cattle. Around the hay, we see a low fence, it seems as if it is not completed. The master painted the weaving of this self-made fence well – you can see almost every twig.

Literally a few meters from the stack, a little behind, there is a dilapidated wooden structure. It can be seen that no one takes care of the building: the wood is wet, the roof is squinted. The building does not look like a familiar residential building. Most likely, it is an outbuilding, barn, located in the field. Here the peasants could keep their tools for arable land.

A little to the left of the haystack are two figures – a man and a horse. It is immediately clear that we are in front of an ordinary peasant, as he is dressed in simple clothes. He wears a dark, almost black hat. In his hand, the peasant holds the reins for which the horse leads. Traditionally, Serov depicts not a frisky horse, but an ordinary squat horse, which is tired of hard work in the village. The background is almost empty: here and there you can see a field, not mowed grass. Far in the distance is another haystack and several black birds running around the dry grass.

At first glance, the picture is nothing remarkable – the usual autumn day. But V. Serov presents us this landscape as it is seen only by a resident of a deaf village. The life of a person from the depths of Russia attracted the artist incredibly. Serov did not just paint landscapes, he conveyed mood, sensations. This picture makes you feel this gloomy autumn. Before us appears a gloomy, overcast day. The sky is dark, overcast with rain clouds. It seems that a bit more and a strong wind will rise, raindrops will begin to fall from the sky.

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Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Haystack”