Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Woman with a head of roses”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali Woman with a head of roses

There are a lot of symbols in the picture, and it is also filled with the artist’s fears and expectations at the same time. The background of the canvas is the sky in the stars before dawn. And now, at such a pre-dawn time, two girlfriends are engaged in an ordinary women’s business: they are trying on new furniture.

The clothes are not quite ready yet, and the fabric, falling, turns into strong hands of men who do not want to let go of the refined figure. One of her friends leaned in thought over the sketch of the next outfit. Models are very delicate. Their fragility is underlined by an egg rising on a white board.

In the background of the canvas the situation is much more interesting. Here a small figure of a man in absolute solitude examines the head of a dog, on the top of which is a rock. Everything here is symbolic: the rock – obstacles in achieving the goal, the head of the dog – the devotion, which often frightens. Such difficulties are always on the way in the relationship of a man with the beautiful half of humanity. On the one hand, they have a fear of sin, and on the other, the possibility of temptation.

However, the illusion will soon collapse – the sun will rise. After its rise, the shadows will disappear, the features of women will be returned to the figures of women. And, undoubtedly, fears will disappear, which may come back.

The color palette of the canvas is very wide, all the colors of the work are connected by the dress of the lady working on the drawing. But the bright red belt reflects its inner essence.

Creating a canvas, the artist is experimenting in the field of fantasy. All items in the picture are symbols.

For example, the head of one of the heroines is woven from flowers, which emphasizes the enchantment, as well as the illusiveness of the posing model.

The picture is filled with emptiness of air. All objects are in the same plane, but the horizon is empty.

In his work, Dali hints that the dress will never be sewn. This is a kind of attempt to show the continuity of the relationship between true beauty and humanity.

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