Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Anthropomorphic bread”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali Anthropomorphic bread

Salvador Dali surrealist, who once stirred the minds of the people of his time. But even today, contemporaries argue about the meaning of his paintings and try to unravel the insane personality of the artist.

Many among his works are those who terrify and amaze every imagination. Such a picture is “Anthropomorphic bread”, written in 1932. The form of this bread is clearly phallic. What the strange author was thinking about when drawing this regular bread masterpiece.

He likes to draw on his canvases his usual bread in very catchy and challenging forms. Everyone probably heard such an expression – bread to the whole head. Here are just a head, as they say, can be different. In this picture we see the well-known body that is covered. At the end of the bread product there is a blurred clock. This suggests that time is rapidly racing ahead. And everything that is valid today will surely become unnecessary and weak tomorrow.

A loaf of bread at the beginning of its journey has a pleasant aroma; a person feels a real pleasure from his taste. Especially freshly baked loaf, gives the whole room a fragrant smell. And in the mouth begins to stand abundant saliva. But, if you do not use it today for its intended purpose, tomorrow, the most delicious bread will become sober and unleavened. The path of life is the same as that depicted on the canvas.

At first, he is alert and regularly ready for feats. After this “hero” tries to sit behind the curtain of a warm blanket. And then completely become worthless and insipid. Dali made these parallels, and drew his vulgar, but believable masterpiece.

Of course, only a madman could compare the bakery. But we are all mad in this world. El Salvador has managed to expose his madness and now they do not stop talking about his works. He saw a lot of strange things and shared with us only some of his fantasies. But time is too fleeting, he faded and did not have much time.

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