Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir “Diana the Huntress”

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir Diana the Huntress

Renoir perceived the world in constant motion. He sought to capture all the changes. In every person and situation he managed to find true happiness and fullness of life. The artist managed to notice the originality and poetry of every moment.

Before us – the magnificent work of the master nudity. The artist managed to create a special image of a woman. The viewer feels that he truly admires beauty. The curves of the tender body are really impressive. It is so attractive that just amazing.

The artist does not regret the delicate colors for the image of this magnificent splendor. Antique plot is not chosen by chance. That he allows to depict the unity of women and nature. We see the famous Diana the hunter with her next trophy.

The landscape is really very bright and impressive. Rocks, trees, the eternal sky. All nature lives its own life. The goddess feels like home. It is here that she can be herself.

Before us is the creation of the brush of a true master. He chooses a very bright rich colors, creating a truly joyful mood. The viewer feels the constant changes in nature that the artist managed to capture. This skill is not given to everyone. To see life in every blade of grass, tree is very difficult. And to make the audience feel it is doubly difficult. But Renoir does indeed succeed. How could it be otherwise?

The painter depicts a very real woman with whom he was in love. It was she who became the heroine of many of his works. We feel like an artist is admiring this gorgeous woman. Every detail of this canvas becomes not just a background.

Nature is inspired. The plot of antiquity became for the artist fertile ground for maximum understanding of the origin of female beauty.

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