Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “The Lacemaker”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer The Lacemaker

“Lacemaker” – a typical canvas of the Baroque era in Dutch painting. Certain subjects, features and proportions of the bodies of the characters, colors – all these are distinctive features of Dutch painting. On the canvas depicts a young girl. She is focused on her business – she knits lace, subtle and elegant. The canvas depicts the work of a girl at close range. It is impossible to look at the whole picture at once, the glance moves constantly, alternately lingering on one or another detail. To focus, the author of the picture uses an interesting move – closer objects are written vaguely. Nevertheless, a pad for the needles, as well as several threads of different colors hanging from it, are easily distinguishable.

A small pillow is an important item for any lace-maker – with its help the lace itself was made, as the cushion was a special kind of stand. On the table is a dense tablecloth of tapestry with an interesting pattern. It is difficult to disassemble it, but it is noticeable that it is bright and elegant. This fabric was clearly brought from distant countries. The very girl lace weaves on a special table, in fact, it is a machine for spinning lace. It could be adjusted, change its position. The room in a modest decoration – white color of the walls, traditionally whitewashed for the Renaissance wall. Near the lace you can see a book.

It can be seen that it is upholstered with expensive fabric – it means that the book is most likely a church one. Of course, special girls became lace makers, it was a craft for the best young ladies, since such fine work was allowed only by a select few. The girl is pale. Her head is decorated with neatly laid out hair. The girl’s face cannot be seen

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Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “The Lacemaker”