Description of the painting by Harley Brown “Only for the birds”

Description of the painting by Harley Brown Only for the birds

Harley Brown left a few works, but one of the bright is the painting “Only for birds”. The artist treated birds especially, he considered them extraordinary and interesting creatures.

On the canvas depicted two parrots, very bright. The technique of writing is unusual, the painter made a bright background, so that the birds partially merge with rich colors. Parrots are representatives of one of the brightest birds on Earth. The bright color of their feathers often scares off enemies.

The artist in the form of birds depicted unusual people who frighten those around him with their brightness. The world has become dull and gray, that sometimes bright colors are perceived with caution, and unusual people become outcasts in society. But bright personalities, like these parrots, need to unite and then very few people dare attack a flock of such bright birds.

The rich background speaks about a colorful world, interesting and bright. This colorful world is seen by these motley birds. Bright individuality also perceives the world differently, grayness and despondency in such a world perception does not exist.

The picture is written in broad strokes, which gives the image relief and volume. So exactly the artist painted feathers, the birds are very realistic, as if they would break off a branch and fly into a bright and endless world of colorful paints.

The painter has depicted in this work how important it is to be not alone in the world, to have a person like himself. The picture exudes calm and harmony, despite the bright colors, it does not cause irritation. Perhaps the artist achieved such an effect due to the minimum number of shades and the absence of a dark background and colorful transitions.

The color spectrum is harmonious, and light strokes of the background form a snowy cloud and at first glance it is difficult to understand whether it is clouds or snow. The name of the work decodes the entire hidden philosophical meaning, which only such bright representatives can understand and they will not necessarily be from the species of birds.

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