Description of the painting by Gustav Dore “Dante and Vergelii on the ice of Lake Kocid”

Description of the painting by Gustav Dore Dante and Vergelii on the ice of Lake Kocid

Gustave Dore, the famous French painter 19ivek. The delight of the 15th century poem by Dante was so great that Dore decided to illustrate the work. His work on Dante, Gustave reproduced in the period from 1861-1868. He is the only one of the artists who decided to take on the illustration of such a volume, taking the costs for himself. Dore’s work on Dante’s work was masterpiece. The artist masterfully conveyed the supernatural mood of the work. Spectacular composition and lighting that does not contain a single gram of theatricality. Dore was able to present to the audience the hellish horror that Dante described.

The artist describes the circle of hell for traitors and traitors, the still and cold lake of death. Dore perfectly depicted the gloomy and cold brilliance of Lake Kocida, which holds frozen sinners in its captivity. Incredibly accurate and emotionally Gustave portrayed cold prisoners of vice, who are already dead during his lifetime. The traitors and traitors of the Motherland, relatives, relatives, and friends who confided in ice are bound with ice. The artist had the ingenious ability of instant improvisation.

Strikingly reflected in the picture is the unearthly atmosphere, a dark and obscure cloud shape, the steel luster of a frozen lake. The work of Gustave makes a strong impression on the viewer. The creator “Dante and Vergelii on the ice of Lake Kocida” does not fully follow the poet’s vision. This can be seen if you read a fragment of the work and compare it with the image.

In the picture, Dore also reflected his personal view of the work and interpreted his understanding of the poem using an image. Thanks to this presentation, the picture acquires an independent value. Gustave Dore’s work unwittingly puts the viewer in the place of the main character, brilliantly reflecting the nature of the work. Dora’s work caused a storm of emotions and public discussion.

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