Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya “Dressed Maha”

Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya Dressed Maha

The most famous work of the artist – “Mach dressed.” Many argue about who was the model with which this famous painting. Some say that before us is the Duchess of Alba. But today, researchers are confident that not one girl posed for the painter.

The picture is incredibly realistic. Surprising skill Goya, who managed to create such magnificence. The seribris white dress with a pinkish belt, the gold bolero and the greenish pillows are really mesmerizing.

Before the audience appears a woman in a suit that fits tightly over her body. It creates the overall impression that we have a harem. The entire outfit deliberately emphasizes the beauty of the body, which is guessed through the fabric.

The body tempts and teases. It seems that even a moment, and it will miraculously become real. Stripes of light and shadow run through the belt and dress. This creates a fabulous play.

The heroine of the picture draws her incredible sexuality. She seems to beckoning to anyone who looks at her.

Goya was able to masterfully convey the perfect beauty of a woman. The fabric is so light and translucent that it does not prevent viewers from enjoying every curve of its body. If the heroine were naked, the picture would not be so attractive. Viewers have to constantly fantasize a little, to finish in their own imagination what is hidden under the dress. From this maha becomes even more desirable.

Goya deliberately did not register the background. It seems that the bed is in absolutely empty space. All attention is focused on the female image. Master color transitions create truly magical effects. Skillful play with contrasts gives the canvas a particularly powerful sound. The image becomes the most tangible and alive.

The picture is both magical and realistic.

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