Description of the painting by Claude Monet “Sailboats”

Description of the painting by Claude Monet Sailboats

The famous French artist Claude Monet is one of the most prominent representatives of impressionism, most of his paintings written in this bright and incredibly beautiful style. However, the success came to the genius not immediately, for a long time, Monet’s paintings were considered inexpressive and devoid of meaning.

By the 1960s, Monet returned to Paris, so unfriendly to him in the past, and hires a small villa in Argentei, right on the banks of the Seine. Beautiful landscapes, the endless smooth surface of the river, rural colors all this suggests the artist to create a series of paintings, in which the picturesque beauties of the Seine and the ships were in the foreground. So a few paintings were created under the title “Sailboats in Argentee”. They were all written from 1964 to 1974. Sailboats really occupy most of the canvases.

Masts and sails are drowned in the golden foliage of the surrounding trees, they are reflected in river ripples, and even tend to be carried into the clouds. Each painting is special, each one preserves the mystery and endless play of colors inherent in the brush of a great artist. Against the background of a blue sky covered with thin air clouds, birds float like sails, the sharp masts of which are reflected in the same clean and bottomless water.

The small boats crowned with these sails are located exactly in the middle of the picture, serving as a barrier by which the viewer can determine the top and bottom of the picture. The painting “Sailboats” was written, as well as a number of other paintings with a similar name can be said from life, when the artist was living on the banks of the Seine, this river was chosen by local sailing regatta lovers, held with the onset of suitable weather for many years.

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