Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev “After the Storm”

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev After the Storm

The picture “After the Thunderstorm” was written by B. Kustodiev in 1921. The time in Russia was difficult, the revolution and civil war exhausted the people. The picture reflects the beauty and harmony of a peaceful life. There is harmony, tragedy and hope in it.

On the canvas depicts the outskirts of the Russian village. On the hillock you can see wooden houses. The typical location of the settlement: on the one hand the forest, and below the river. The picture is intertwined with several story lines. So in parallel, many events occur in life.

In the foreground, two men in Russian kosvorotkah are on the road. One shows in the direction of the stream, where women bathe. It can be assumed that the men go for mushrooms, but the elegant shirts and an important headdress of one of them says that the men went to the city or passed the village. From the broad river flows a large stream, where women bathe.

In the distance, you can make out nude female figures. This picture is very attractive men. Cows are resting near the women under the tree. They graze on a hot summer day and at lunch hide from the sun. Behind the modest wooden houses one can see the temple dome.

The artist conveys the spirituality of the Russian people. Even in a small village there is a church. If you glance at the picture, you can not immediately notice the main event of that hot day. One of the village houses is on fire. Black smoke swirls over the roof and can be seen at a great distance. Maybe a passing man in the foreground was pointing not at the stripped woman, but at the burning house. A lot of people running to the fire. Here and the shepherd of cows hurries towards the burning house, and the family moves in a hurry through the wheat field.

A fire on such a hot day can spread to the whole village, so everyone wants to put out the flames. Above the village, a rainbow is seen as a symbol of hope that everything will be fine. The sky after the thunderstorm is clear and dark clouds are gone, but it is the rain that is so necessary for the locals now. Perhaps the house caught fire from a lightning strike.

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